Happy New Year! We are now back on deck and looking forward to baking you the perfect cookie! Please allow up to 3-5 days for cookies to be dispatched xx

Keep those hands steady for the final detailing!

Keep those hands steady for the final detailing!


The finishing touches can turn a relatively plain cookie, into a work of art. I pride myself on designing a unique cookie with great attention to detail, to ensure the cookie comes to life (before it's eaten!). 

I use a range of edible lustres, petal dusts and edible markers to apply the finishing touches. For the little dog below, I mixed edible gold lustre with cake decorating rose spirit to create a fast drying paint. Then I quickly worked with a tiny decorating paint brush to apply it to his collar name plate, to give the effect of a very well loved (i.e. spoilt!) puppy. Next I used an edible marker to hand draw his adorable little eyes on. To finish off, an edible petal dust in rose pink was used to create little rosie cheeks.

Applying rosie cheeks to the white dog cookie
Adding eyes to the white dog cookie

Finally I added a little mouth with the edible marker and my sweet little design was complete! Most of my original designs are worked out with pen and paper, before the Royal icing even hits the cookie. Ideas are endless, and it is what I find the most enjoyable part of cookie decorating!

Completed white dog cookie

Love, Emma

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